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(Pocket-lint) - HP's OMEN gaming computers have always stuck right to the bleeding edge when it comes to hardware, embracing the latest and greatest graphics cards and processors, and that's as true today as it ever was.

That's why its superb gaming desktops, the HP OMEN 30L and 25L are both now available with the Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 GPUs, unlocking absolutely incredible performance in even the most graphically-intensive games. Keep reading to find out why you should pick one up while supplies last. 

1. Raw power

The biggest thing that any of Nvidia's 30 series cards can bring to your HP OMEN setup is fairly obvious, but still absolutely bears repeating - enormous power! Whether you go for the more affordable 3070 or the absolutely beastly 3090, you'll be getting a card that can crunch through modern games on their highest graphical settings. 

They're unbelievably impressive under testing duress, but HP also makes sure to base the whole build around them. You'll therefore find them paired with powerful processors to ensure that there's no bottleneck elsewhere in your rig, and helps to guarantee superb performance. 

2. Ray tracing

Of course, when it comes to the sort of graphical changes you can expect to see when you upgrade to an HP OMEN 30L or 25L featuring one of these cards, the biggest one is right there in the GPUs' names - RTX, which is a shortening or ray tracing. 

This graphical technique simulates light and reflections to a degree of accuracy that's almost jaw-dropping, and it's way too demanding for lesser and older graphics cards. It's a huge difference-maker when you play games that can enable it, making for way more realistic environments and crazy visuals. Trust us, you need to play it to believe it. 

3. 4K potential

On top of that, the more powerful 30 series cards are also perfect for future-proofing against the next big resolution jump for PC gamers - 4K. Just like for those on console, being able to output at that incredibly crisp level is hugely sought-after, and HP has made sure that its OMEN desktops are more than prepared for it.

Whether you're plugged into a high-grade 4K monitor or looped up to an actual TV, being able to game in 4K from your OMEN 30L is a doddle with a 3090 installed in it, and you'll find it pretty hard to go back to lower resolutions if you're anything like us. 

4. Great savings

Whether you want a 3070 to keep the budget relatively contained, or you're happy to go all out and splash out on a 3090 to own pretty much the most powerful GPU you can get as a consumer right now, there's normally no escaping the fact that these are pretty expensive components.

However, right now HP's running a pair of really handy discounts to help you out with picking up one of its incredible OMEN desktops. You can use the code 5GAMER2021 to get 5% off a PC that costs more than $999, while the code 10GAMER2021 will net you a huge 10% off gaming PCs that cost more than $1399, potentially saving you a healthy chunk.

That means that it's a great time to jump aboard and get yourself a 30 series card as part of a superb HP OMEN desktop - you won't look back, trust us!