(Pocket-lint) - We might be past the dog days of summer, but that doesn't mean there aren't some hot deals to be had around tech at the moment. HP has a roster of rotating weekly deals you can always count on to give you a great discount to take advantage of. 

Whether you need a new family computer, want to get a gaming monitor to make your mates envious, or grab a laptop that's perfect for school or home working, there are options for you, and you can check out the full range on HP's store

HP All-in-One - 24-df0130m

Laptops may have become the default work computer for a lot of people, but we think there's still huge value to be found in having a central household computer, whether you live as a family or not. It gives you a single workstation that you're under no pressure to bring with you when you move around.

Plus, it can house a lot more power than many laptops and have a generous, easy-to-read display for working and watching movies. This All-in-one from HP is a superb option in this area, with a beautiful design and great specs. This week it's got $50 off, too, taking it below $600. 

HP Pavilion Laptop - 15z

If you think a laptop does make the most sense for you, or if you need a new portable machine for working on the go whether it's professionally or in higher education, you're hardly alone! This cracking model from HP is actually a 2-in-1, with a super touch screen that lets you use it as a tablet when you need or want to.

It's got a seriously zippy processor paired with a chunky SSD that'll make sure everything moves nice and quickly while you're working, and that display is also superb for watching TV in the evenings. Best of all, it's got a huge $250 discount this week - that's something you can't just ignore!

OMEN X 27 Monitor

If you're looking for something to help you with work, but the focus is on your favourite video games as well, a high-quality gaming monitor is an absolute must-have. This OMEN monitor packs in a stunning 240Hz refresh rate to make for buttery smooth motion, giving you every possible advantage in multiplayer action.

It's a 27-inch panel which we find perfect for work and leisure alike, with QHD resolution to make sure that everything also looks beautifully sharp. A $35 discount this week makes it the ideal time to upgrade your gaming setup with it.