(Pocket-lint) - The academic season is back upon us - it might be a year when study looks a little different for some people, but some things don't change, and studying in the modern world doesn't really work without some solid tech to back you up.

Whether you're in need of a nifty laptop for some lecture-theatre notes, a workstation for more intense research sessions at home or a solid, affordable printer to make sure you're never caught out without a paper copy, HP's got a range of devices that are great for students. It's holding a superb back-to-school sale right now, too, to bring some great discounts for savvy learners.

We've highlighted a few of the best deals below, but make sure not to hang around too long thinking about possible purchases -the sale ends soon!


HP Chromebook 14a

Chromebooks have been becoming more and more of a great option for students in the last few years, as more hit the market and the software gets better all the time. Offering a stripped-back experience that's ideal if you're largely going to be using it to type up essays and do web-based research, HP's 14a is a stonking bit of value even without the reduction this sale brings. 

Starting at $270 makes it a steal, frankly, given its nice design and lightweight build - it's perfect for popping into a backpack or satchel if you need to make your way around campus. Plus, you get the option to customise it massively to suit your needs, whether that's a bigger hard drive or a touch-screen for interactivity. 


HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-0105T

When it comes to getting bang for your buck, though, some people will correctly observe that a standalone desktop PC will almost always bring with it the best possible specs at the price point.

If you've already got a monitor lying around, or if you're looking for something with a bit more power to help you complete more complicated work, or for any number of other reasons, a desktop could make great sense, especially in this case with a heavy discount attached. You'll get a massive amount of storage, for one, plus the DVD drive that most laptops now overlook. It's brilliant if you're looking for a less portable form of productivity.

HP Deskjet 2755

Our student days were plagued by printing issues. We never once had our own printer, always relying on borrowing other people's - that's a quick way to slip up and fail to print something before a seminar, and no mistake. 

This Deskjet printer is a perfect solution, especially given that HP has brought it down to just $70. That's a super low price to pay for not just quick and easy printing, but also easy photocopying and scanning, all of which are the sorts of things that students find themselves needing to do more than you'd think.

These are just a small selection of the great deals that HP's lined up for its back to school sale, so don't hang around.