(Pocket-lint) - Buying a laptop is no simple task these days - there are so many good models on the market, and it can be difficult to know which would suit you. That's why it can be helpful if you know that a laptop maker has a particularly good record.

There aren't many better records around, in point of fact, than HP's - it's been making computers of the portable and desktop variety for decades now, and is one of the most historic names in the sector. On top of that history, though, it's also got a swathe of modern laptops that have hugely impressed us. 

One of the best available right now is the ProBook 445 G7 - a notebook that's oozing with power thanks to its AMD processor. We thought we'd run down four reasons why it might just be the perfect laptop for you. 

1. Amazing AMD chips

If you're not too hot on the intricate details of what makes a computer good - what makes it feel fast, and responsive - trust us when we say that the processor has a huge part to play. It doesn't matter how modern the rest of the components are if you've got a decade-old chip running things. 

That's why HP turned to the current pacesetters when it comes to CPUs (computer processing units) - AMD. Its Ryzen chips are used by everyone from professional gamers to enthusiast technicians to power superb workflows and efficiency, and the Ryzen APU Processors at the heart of this laptop is perfect for its task. 

It'll have you zipping around completing tasks quickly and unnoticeably, just what you want from a new computer, with multiple cores that are perfect for multi-tasking. Whichever chip you opt for, you'll get superb performance and value for it. 

2. Great storage

Another facet of buying a new computer that can be frustrating is the realisation that so many expensive laptops comes with tiny hard drives, without shouting about it. The ProBook 445 G7 packs in a 500GB hard drive to make sure that you're not constantly having to delete your files and photos in order to make more space. 

That means you've got the freedom to save things and hold onto the memories you want, without having to be selective about it. Best of all, that's just where things start - if you want to add more storage you can really easily customise your build to do so, including the option to add an SSD for super-fast read and write speeds. 

3. AMD Graphics

Another brilliant development in the last few years for people buying new laptops has been the rise and rise of integrated graphics. Scroll back five years and trying to play modern games on a laptop without its own graphics card was a bit pointless, with performance generally pretty dismal.

Now, though, the tech has come on hugely. AMD's integrated Radeon UMA Graphics will have you scratching your eyes and double checking that there isn't a graphics card hidden in the laptop somewhere. You'll be able to play modern games at solid frame rates (although you probably still shouldn't go in expecting ultra-high graphical settings!). 

4. Perfect for work or play

In fact, though, that brings us onto our final point about the ProBook 445 G7 - it's a great option for anyone who needs their laptop to be versatile. You get, on the one hand, great multitasking performance to help you work on multiple programs at once during office or school hours, and on the other a really excellent display that's perfect for a quick game or movie at the end of a working day. 

At 14 inches, we think it's the perfect size, too, remaining really portable and light while still giving you enough real estate that content pops out beautifully. 

Regardless of exactly how you set it up, and given how much freedom you have to tinker and make the perfect combination for you, the ProBook 445 G7 is a brilliant laptop for most people, then. If you want to see how it stacks up for yourself, and order, you can do so on the HP Store right here