(Pocket-lint) - Summer is here - it might sometimes feel like it's taken forever to reach us, but the weather's gorgeous and looking to stay that way. That said, the weather might be amazing, but if you're stuck inside working you'll still want to be doing so in the most efficient way possible.

HP's range of laptops and computers have loads of great options for those looking to upgrade their working ways, and models that also bring amazing specs for media viewing and chilling out. Best of all, it's holding a huge summer sale, discounting loads of its most popular models to make sure that people can pick up a bargain or two.

We've gone through the sale with a fine-toothed comb, to find some of the very best deals on offer, and gathered them right here for you - check them out!


HP All-In-One 22-df0120m

For many family homes, the idea of a desktop computer is a really strong one - a hub that can be great for home working and homework in equal measure, letting you help the kids out with their work, park them in front of Netflix, all while being perfect for productivity during the day. Why not get all that, in a stunningly attractive design? 

That's what this All-In-One delivers - we quite frankly think it's one of the most impressive designs anywhere on the market, at any price, but it's all the more incredible that HP's discounted it to just $450. For that price you get a superb display, and a huge 1TB hard drive to store your families precious files, making it a perfect buy right now. 


HP Laptop 15T

Of course, for many people nowadays a computer basically means a laptop - it's what we first think of, for good reason, and portability is a superb asset. The 15T is a great device that's straightforward, thereby keeping the price down really nicely. 

With a gorgeous 15-inch display, it's perfect for watching movies or TV, but the laptop's easily light and small enough that carrying it around when you're out and about is a doddle. Plus, right now HP's reduced it to start from just $620 depending on what specification you go for, and trust us that you won't find better value than that just anywhere. 


HP Pavilion All-In-One 24-xa0115st

Another brilliant All-In-One is on offer from HP's celebrated Pavilion line - and it comes with an exciting bonus in the form of a partnership with speaker experts Bang & Olufsen. With a slightly more functional look than the other All-In-One above, this is a perfect machine for a home office.

It packs in a massive 1TB hard drive alongside a 128GB SSD that makes Windows 10 run zippily and smoothly, while that superb dual-speaker setup has been custom tuned by B&O to make sure that it pumps out superb sound. That means the computer is a great hub for media viewing, too. Best of all, you can get it for just $800 right now. 


HP ProDesk 405 G4

If you want to keep the footprint of your computer to a minimum, or have an external monitor that you want to use it with, there's still a lot of options out there for compact desktop PCs, and we love HP's ProDesk line for how tiny and functional they are - this 405 G4 will blend into the background of any desk easily. 

HP has tuned this little machine perfectly, and right now you can save more than $412 on it, an absolutely stonking deal. It'll see you pick up a tiny computer that's a perfect productivity machine, too.