(Pocket-lint) - One of the good things about the tech market is that the cream generally rises to the top - while experts like us at Pocket-lint give our reasoned reviews to products and devices, the multitudes of actual users out there will also be giving their verdict.

That means that there's a lot to be said for following the crowd. The devices that are the most popular with actual people generally do well for a reason - and they're almost always the best-reviewed ones, too. HP's store always pays attention to what's going down the best, so that it can make sure people get the best prices on those devices. That's why, right now, there are some great discounts on its most popular laptops, desktops and more.

We've gathered together some of the best deals available in the flash sale, to give you some food for thought. Check them out below!


HP Laptop - 15t

When it comes to laptops, a 15-inch model is the sweet spot - you get a nice, big display to make sure that you're not squinting at the screen any time you need to work with something detailed, but is still portable enough that you can easily pop it into a backpack or bag. That's just one reason why we're such big fans of the 15T from HP.

This is a nice and powerful machine, too, with an Intel Core i7 processor powering it, and a 128GB SSD making sure that your files move around and open with really snappy speed. That huge display, meanwhile, is perfect for working on or watching movies and TV. Best of all, the laptop's discounted by a massive $200 right now, down to $599.99 - snap it up while you can!


HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Photo Printer​

People around the world have always had trouble getting photos printed. For too long, full-size printers have been hard to use on this front, making people resort to going to shops for printing, or sending digital files to online service that mail you your results.

Wave goodbye to those delays and costs with the Sprocket, revamped for its second edition and still just as amazingly simple to use. You can wirelessly print photos from your phone or computer in just seconds, making it like having an instant camera that isn't limited in photo quality. A huge $40 has been slashed from its price this week, making it just $89.99, a real steal. 


OMEN Obelisk Desktop PC - 875-1040st

Desktop gaming PCs are really the best way to go if you want pure power, with their cooling capabilities unmatched and components that would make a console blush, and HP's OMEN line has some brilliant towers on offer. 

This model is a gorgeous, imposing beast, with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphics card at its heart, and an Intel Core i7-9700K processor running the show - a combination that'll make easy work of most games, especially with its massive 1TB hard drive for storing them on. It's one heck of a package, and is discounted by $150 right now, making it a bargain and a half, too. 


HP LaserJet Pro M404n

Our final pick might not be the most glamourous, but anyone who's working from home right now will know that being able to quickly and easily print documents and files is pretty much essential in a household that wants to function properly.

HP's printers are rightly renowned as some of the very best on the market, and the M404n is testament to that, with a design that's impressively compact and printing speeds that will impress any observer. With Wi-Fi connectivity on board, you'll also be able to ditch the days of cabled printing. Right now, it's $50 off, too, making it just $219.99.