HP is set to announce new versions of the Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14 next week for retail release next month. The new 11 G6 and 14 G5 models will have newer Intel Celeron chips plus USB-C ports in addition to the older USB-A-type.

The reveal at CES 2018 will see updates to the two models which are predominantly used in education and for low resource tasks, like browsing and email. The current HP Chromebook 11 is available from less than £160, so expect similar pricing for these new models. 

The Intel chips used were originally launched at the back end of 2016; they may not be new, but they are an upgrade from previous models, with dual-core N3350 and quad-core N3450 variants.

Design-wise, the keyboard and palm-rest is now black on both devices, though the 11 G6 looks like it has a jazzy yellow-orange trim option. The processor upgrade also comes with better graphics, too, this time in the form of Intel’s HD Graphics 500, although the displays are pretty low res, with 1,366 × 768 at the base level and an HD touchscreen further up the chain.

Both Chromebooks appear to fold flat as well, though while this could be useful for some touch tasks like note-taking and drawing, we’d suggest it’d be unlikely you’d use a Chromebook for that outside of education.

Chromebooks have seen a little resurgence recently, with Google’s own superbly-designed but expensive Pixelbook grabbing the headlines. But it’s at the other end of the market that Chromebooks really do pose a threat to Windows and macOS devices, where their ease-of-use is a boon for those addicted to Google services.