(Pocket-lint) - HP's Spectre 13 is a laptop with a truly striking design and high-quality build, and now, HP is updating it.

The company has unveiled a second generation of the computer. Called the new Spectre 13, it's still 10.4mm thin, but it's also much narrower and shallower and has slimmer bezels on all sides of its 13-inch display. HP has described its laptop as the “world’s thinnest” touchscreen laptop. That's right. It comes with a touchscreen that you can also get in 4K - neither of which was available on the old model.

Specs-wise, the laptop has eighth-generation Intel processors (quad-core U-series Core i processors), an improved the battery life that should give you 11 hours of use, and speakers that are both louder and clear. The new Spectre 13 further has a “ceramic white" colour option, where the top and inside of the laptop boast a smooth aluminium that’s been coated in white to give it a glossy ceramic look.


It also has “pale gold” edging along with a thick gold bar on the back. The black-and-copper option will still be available, but that accent bar on the back will be matte, rather than glossy, like it is on the white version. If any of this interests you, the new Spectre 13 starts at $1,299.99 ( £1,399) and will be available from 29 October. Those of you who want a cheaper PC should consider HP's other new laptop.

Alongside the new Spectre 13, HP has also updated the 13-inch Spectre x360. It has a slight design refresh that includes more angular edges and vents on the backside rather than the side of the laptop. The laptop is also smaller all around, as are the bezels. The new x360 also comes with a fingerprint reader embedded on the side of the laptop and a Windows Hello camera for face detection.


Much like the new Spectre 13, the new x360 runs quad-core eighth-generation Core i processors, and it has a battery life boost as well as a 4K display option. It starts at $1,149.99 (£1,299.99) and will be available in the US on the same day as the new Spectre 13. Those of you in the UK will have to wait until November for either machine, however.

Writing by Elyse Betters.