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(Pocket-lint) - The HP Sprout can now be used to capture the real world in 3D to make copying objects simple.

Using Sprout's RealSense cameras, capable of depth sensing, the Sprout is able to scan objects. This works with a new 3D Capture Stage accessory which acts as a turntable to display the object from all sides to the cameras. This tilts at 15-degrees so the entire area is scanned.


Once converted into a virtual model on the Sprout, an object can be edited and modify before being sent to a 3D printer to be created. The result is an ability to copy objects using one simple package.

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A new software called 3D Capture is being added as a free upgrade that allows for full scans to be edited on the Sprout.

Sprout users will be able to share their 3D virtual objects so that others can edit and print them off. This sharing can be done via email, Facebook or other social sites.

HP is working with Dremel's 3D Idea Builder printer to allow for an "end-to-end" offering. This should make it easy to scan and print an object without much human interaction at all.

The HP Sprout is available to buy now from £1,900. The 3D Capture Stage will be available from July where it will cost $300 which is about £195.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.