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(Pocket-lint) - HP has revealed its own 3D printer that it believes will revolutionise the market. The Multi Jet Fusion is based on the company's thermal ink jet technology and can print objects at a higher resolution than conventional 3D printers, while attaining ten times faster speeds.

Multiple liquid agents are applied by HP thermal inkjet arrays, with a fusing agent that is selectively applied to different parts of the print to create different lines and shapes. Essentially, the "ink" is applied first and then fused to form each layer of an object.

Normal 3D printers print layers of dedicated plastic which set as they cool, while the HP system fuses as it goes, effectively moving as quickly as a normal printer as the same principles are used, albeit in three dimensions.

Objects can also be more accurately rendered and HP even plans to have different hues of "inks" in future so the end results can be multi-coloured.

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HPhp multi jet fusion could change 3d printing forever faster higher res and multi coloured image 2

The process also creates incredibly strong objects which can be used for industrial purposes. And some of the example prints HP has shown proves it can produce fine and intricate parts for commercial use.

There's no word yet on when the HP Multi Jet Fusion will be commercially available or for how much, but the company claims that it is "designed to advance and disrupt the 3D printing market" forever.

Writing by Rik Henderson.