Hewlett-Packard has become the next company to announce a Chromebox, following Asus, Samsung and Dell.

Available in spring 2014 in the US, HP's take on the small Chrome OS computer will be a colourful affair. It will launch in four colour options of white, black, silver and turquoise.

HP is still remaining quiet on specifics, but it's said to run an Intel i7 processor, and be small enough to place in a travel bag. "Small box, big power to go fast and do it all in the cloud," the company boasts.

There are four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and DisplayPort. HP isn't veering far from the Chromebox status quo, staying light on features that will presumably bring down the price.

HP's announcement of a Chromebox follows Google's new conference room deal that will bundle an HD camera, microphone and speaker unit, and a keyboard remote control. It's aimed at businesses and costs $999. Google will offer HP's Chromebox alongside Acer's and Dell's in the coming months.

We've contacted HP to learn more about its Chromebox's features.