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(Pocket-lint) - Desktop PCs aren't the most exciting aspect of the tech revolution, but we do still have a soft spot for svelte looking all-in-one machines. Show us a man that didn't go "oooh" after a first Apple iMac glance and we'll show you a liar.

And now, it seems, HP is after Apple's crown in the sexy computer stakes after unleashing the HP Omni 27, the first 27-inch AIO from the under-fire company.

And whilst it can't compete with the top range iMacs on the display level (a sufficient 1080p, but that's not as impressive as the 2560x1440 resolution on Apple's machines), it certainly does on price - starting at $1,199; $500 less than the 27-inch Apple machines.

And the hardware and performance should more than match up as well, with a Intel i5 2400S quad-core chip, 6GB of RAM and up to 2TB of space. Sadly, only Intel HD graphics but there is a Blu-ray option available as well as HDMI in, a TV tuner and HP's Magic Canvas software. There are two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a six-in-one memory card reader and the screen has a 25-degree angle tilt.

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The HP Omni 27 is set to hit US shops next week and UK shops on 20 February. A price-tag has yet to be written up in the Queen's finest GBP.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.