Confirmed back in May, the HP Envy 14 and Envy 17 are finally about to hit the UK, and that means we managed to get some face time with the new models ahead of the UK availability.

Core to the model is still a metal chassis, as before with the Envy 15 and Envy 13, but there have been changes.

As you might expect that 17 refers to the 17-inch screened model, while the Envy 14 actually comes with a 14.5-inch screen.

The big difference is that gone is the slice battery that allowed HP to boast more than 14 hours on a single charge. While that means that the battery is now less than half of that (around 6 hours), it means, HP tells Pocket-lint, that the price has been massively reduced.

The 17-inch model is now £1300, while the 14-inch model comes in a pound under a £1000.

Those really concerned at the loss of that battery life can opt to have the slice battery back, but it will cost you. How much, HP wouldn't confirm.

Elsewhere you get a slot loading DVD player around the side, a la MacBook Pro, and the 17-inch comes with a Blu-ray player option, but that Blu-ray player doesn't, unfortunately, make it to the 14-inch model.

It's the same for the sub woofer that sits underneath. It's only available on the Envy 17.

Ports down the left hand side include the new USB 3.0 and MiniDisplay, also like the MacBook Pro, while inside you get all the usual bells and whistles thanks to an Intel processor and ATI graphics.

Depending on which model you opt for, the individual setup that will come within those two model ranges will vary, but as this is being branded as the company's flagship range, you can expect it to come with a high spec whatever you choose.