Hewlett Packard, fresh from its takeover of Palm, has announced updates right across its laptop and netbook range. There are changes afoot for the Envy, Pavilion, G and Mini lines.

All of the updates are based on HP's MUSE philosophy, which is nothing to do with middle of the road stadium-rock, but in fact stands for "materials, usability, sensory appeal and experiences".

Starting with the top-of-the-range line, Envy, there are two models available; the slimline Envy14 and the souped-up Envy17. Both feature ATI Mobility Radeon graphics cards for seamless gaming and video playback. There's also a HD webcam on board, as well as audio software designed with Beats and Dr. Dre. We'd forgot about Dre.

The Pavilion range has also been given a shake up by HP. First up, in the "thin and light" line we've got the dm1, the dm3 and the dm4. Top of the pile is the dm4, which is just 2.5cm thick (or thin) and weighs in at 2kg. It's got an Intel Core chip and can come with an ATI Radeon HD5450 GPU if you so desire. With a 14-inch HD LED screen and 6.5 hours battery life, it looks like a winner.

Also in the Pavilion range is HP's performance/entertainment notebooks. The dv3, dv6 and dv7 are media and web specialist laptops, and the dv6 has the first ever HP Pavilion touchscreen.

HP Minis now come in six different colours including the brilliantly named "preppy-pink". With an optional six-cell battery you can now get up to 8 hours of life out of these netbooks.

All of these models are expected to be out in July. The Envy14 will set you back £999 and the Envy 17 will be £1299. Pavilions range from £399 right up to £649, and the Minis will be £249 or £299.

Check out HP's site for more details, and while you're there check out the massive reductions on the older HP notebooks.