HP has announced an all-in-one PC that it's calling the All-In-One 200. Like other models of the same type, it doesn't have a desktop unit - instead it crams all the PC's guts into the casing behind the monitor. Or it puts the monitor in the side of the desktop unit. Whichever way you look at it, it's simpler.

HP is trumpeting that simplicity, with the company boasting that the All-In-One 200 only has one cable - where others could have up to 13. That cable plugs it into the wall. On the front, there's a 21.5-inch 1080p LED display, which can tilt up to 30 degrees and swivel. There's the ability to wallmount it and integrated speakers.

Also integrated is a webcam and built-in microphone, which will permit for video calling, and there's an optional TV tuner for watching television. Input is via a wireless keyboard and mouse, and there's b/g/n Wi-Fi and it all comes with HP's MediaSmart software suite - which you'll either love or loath depending on whether you like to find software yourself to do things like share photos and burn DVD.

The HP All-In-One 200 costs £600, and it's going to be available from the end of June in shops across the UK.