(Pocket-lint) - Google has been working on a dual-screen Chrome device codenamed Palika. The reveal comes from developers talking about it as a dual touchscreen device and commenting on the code to support it.

The information has been unearthed by 9to5Google, and it seems that this device has a touch controller on the lid and the base - so it sounds like it's adopting the format we've seen recently from devices like the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo where there's a second display above the keyboard. 

Indeed, you could feasibly have no physical keyboard at all, as per the Lenovo Yoga Book where a second display was used in place of a regular keyboard.

There's a been a lot of experimentation recently, with a number of companies looking at different approaches to laptops. From something simple like the Apple Touch Bar through to a whole range of Yoga laptops designed to take on different forms to give you really flexible use. 

This Chromebook, however, appears to be a proof of concept rather than an actual device that's coming to market. That much is revealed by comments by Chromium developers, but this isn't the first time we've heard about such a device, because there was talk that Lenovo wanted to make its Yoga Book in to a Chrome device too.

That ship has long sailed, however, as that was back in 2016 - and the question still remains about how effective it really is having a second display on a device. To us, we can't really see this becoming a reality, unless there's a really specific use case.

Writing by Chris Hall.