(Pocket-lint) - Take a sample across any slice of professionals that use Chrome extensively (and we'll very much add the Pocket-lint team to that list) and you'll often find that they have one complaint in common. 

The browser, great as it is for productivity, can be a bit of a beast for your laptop's battery, especially if you like to have a fair few tabs open at once. This is common both to Chromebooks running Google's software entirely, and any device using the browser alone. 

Chrome 86 is an upcoming update to the browser which should bring plenty of changes, though, and the team at TheWindowsClub is reporting that Google's bringing in some smart new features around battery life that could make a real difference for the average user.

These measures apparently include shutting off certain trackers and JavaScript when you're not on a tab, meaning that background tabs take up far less processing power, thereby reducing the strain on your computer.

When Google compared the updated browser to its current version on a machine running with 36 tabs open in the background on Chrome and one blank one at the front, it apparently extended the battery life by fully 2 hours. That's a huge gain, although in precise circumstances. 

For now, this is an unconfirmed addition to Google's next update, one that could require more testing and therefore be pushed down the line, but it's still a pretty exciting prospect for even users who don't realise it's coming. Any simple software update that can translate to concrete gains in battery life is to celebrated, after all. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.