(Pocket-lint) - Google's wireless sharing tech - often referred to as 'AirDrop for Android' - may need to alter its informal moniker in favour of something much wider reaching, if the latest leak is to be believed. 

A recent leak reveals references to the feature built into the latest development version of Chrome OS, and it specifically mentions four PC operating systems: Mac, Windows, Linux and (obviously) Chrome OS. 

The reference has been revealed by 9to5Google - thanks to a tweet from @_Dinsan - which shows that, not only is there a toggle to switch on 'Nearby Sharing' in Chrome OS, but also references Mac, Windows and Linux. 

Specifically, under the 'Nearby Sharing' name, a description follows which states: "Enables Nearby Sharing for sharing content between devices. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS."

That means that - while we knew this would enable fast file transfer between phones - it'll also be used as a way to send files and other items between various computing platforms, making it a true cross-platform technology. 

While references to the feature exist within a specific build of Chrome OS, the feature isn't actually working yet. Because of that, we're unable to see exactly what the process of using it on a desktop or laptop would be. 

In order to make it secure, there would surely need to be a form of pop-up window or confirmation that you're willing to accept a file from someone when they try to send it, to avoid instances similar to AirDrop where - without any restrictions enabled - you can be sent images by anyone. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.