(Pocket-lint) - Google has officially announced Pixelbook Go, a Chrome OS laptop that's available at a mid-range price point but is designed for portability much like Microsoft's Surface Go

What do you mean you've seen it already? OK, so it has been leaked a few times and yes, the leaks were mostly correct. 

There's a smooth matte finish on the 13mm-thick notebook and a wavy, ridged surface on one side that Google is calling a 'grippable bottom' officially although during the Google keynote, design head Ivy Ross couldn't resist calling it a "rippled, wavy bottom".

It weighs around 900g or 2lbs - which is lighter than the original Pixelbook thanks to a magnesium chassis - and features 'Hush Type' keys for quiet operation. 

Starting at $649 or £629, Google has been somewhat clever not to impinge on the heartland of 'cheap' Chromebooks around the $200-300 price point and so annoy its partners. It's also significantly cheaper than other Chromebooks Google has made itself

There will be a range of configurations available, starting with the Intel Core m3 with 8GB RAM and 64GB of storage, ranging up to Core i7 with 16GB RAM and 256GB storage for a cool $1399.

The laptop will be available in Just Black and Not Pink. Yes, the latter colour is actually pink... We're surprised Google hasn't chosen to make Pixelbook Go available in other colour options, but perhaps those might arrive in future.

The Pixelbook Go is available on pre-order in the US in some formats now, deliveries from 28 October; in the UK the Pixelbook Go waiting list is open, but the device isn't on sale.

Writing by Dan Grabham.