(Pocket-lint) - Google is about to launch a new Chromebook series, and rather than call it the Pixelbook 2, it seems the company is going with Pixelbook Go. 

The reason behind the branding is that the focus is very much on having a light, portable and nimble premium Chromebook, rather than having a big, heavy hunk of beautiful aluminium. 

Details of the new Pixelbook have been floating around for most of this year, with the laptop first breaking out in form of a leaked video way back in March

The most recent information, including name and specs come via a report from 9to5Google editor, Stephen Hall, whose sources have passed on a lot of the specifications. 

Unlike the previous Pixelbook which had a folding 2-in-1 laptop design and a stylus-compatible touchscreen, the Pixelbook Go is returning to a more traditional laptop form factor. 

And while it not end up being cheap - it's rumoured to be in the $799 and upwards price bracket - it is going to look and feel lot more like a classic, tactile laptop. 

Rather than be built from anodised aluminium, it's claimed it will be made from a magnesium alloy, and the bottom of the laptop will be covered in a non-slippery texture to make it easy and pleasant to carry around. 

Having done some digging in the code, 9to5Google has been able to discover that the Pixelbook Go will have a 16:9 display, with both full HD and 4K resolution models. 

As is typical for laptops, you'll find a few different SKUs at different prices, varying in processing power, RAM, storage and screen resolution. 

Those will likely include the Intel Core m3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. What's more, it's also being reported that the Pixelbook Go will have powerful front facing speakers. 

Although a previous report suggested the Pixelbook would not be making an appearance at the upcoming Google hardware launch event, this report suggests that it will be unveiled there, alongside the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones. 

Time will tell if any of this information is accurate. Google's event takes place on 15 October, so there's only a short wait to find out. We'll keep you updated as always. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.