(Pocket-lint) - Google says it is working on new Chrome OS devices, although it's unclear exactly what at this stage. 

The comments come a few weeks after it was reported that Google had slashed the workforce in its hardware group after poor sales of the expensive Pixel Slate and Pixelbook. Well, have you seen one in the wild? 

However, at a Google Hardware for Business event during a cloud computing conference, Google's product manager Steve Jacobs talked up a forthcoming device that will help people "be productive on-the-go". Quite how that differs from the existing devices is questionable as surely both 2017's Pixelbook and 2018's Pixel Slate both do that. 

However, Jacobs did characterise the Pixelbook as being "for leaders" (that means expensive, in our book) and the Pixel Slate as being "for teams" so perhaps the new device will be a little more affordable. 

Even the Pixel Slate's high price point prevents it from being a serious iPad and Surface challenger, especially when you factor in the accessories such as the Pixelbook Pen.7

Jacobs also characterised the opportunity for a new device a "unique things we can do differently" - we're pretty clear as mud on what that actually means. 

We'd expect any new Google device to debut in October at Google's now traditional Made by Google event where we'll also get Pixel 4 - however, there is a small chance of some kind of preview at Google I/O next month. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.