(Pocket-lint) - A video - discovered by Brandon Lall and About Chromebooks - reveals a little more about the next Google branded Chromebook that may, or may not, be the follow up to the Pixelbook.

This new Chromebook, or Pixelbook, is a more traditional laptop in form, with a regular display on a hinge, attached to a keyboard, rather than being a 2-in-1 with a detachable screen.

Although the video was initially taken down, 9to5Google managed to preserve and upload it.

There are a few curiosities in the video uncovered by About Chromebooks, that perhaps hint to this product not being in the Made by Google, or Pixel, family. That is, unless Google is changing its methods.

Firstly, Google branded products in prototype mode typically have a disguised "G" logo on them, while this notebook as "ProductName" as a placeholder just above the top row of keys. Once official, these pre-launch logos are replaced with the official "G".

With that said, the Chromebook Pixel from six years ago did have "Chrome" in that same position. 

Secondly, the laptop in the video has a 16:9 ratio display, which so far hasn't been a format used on Google's Pixel laptop line.

Then there's the top row of function keys, which are very similar - but not identical - to the Pixelbook's. The primary difference being, where the Pixelbook has a hamburger/three-line menu button in the top right corner, this device has a power button. 

Apart from that, this does look to be quite a premium product. The display, from what we can tell on the video, has a high resolution, and the build of the hinge and subtle curves point to a well-designed product. 

Of course, with this being a pre-production device, we expect certain elements to change. For instance, the black casing and light grey keys are an unusual combination.

The product, code-named Atlas, was first rumoured in the run up to the Made by Google event in autumn 2018, where we expected it to make an appearance. Instead, Google announced just one new Chrome-powered device, and that was the Pixel Slate 2-in-1 tablet.

There's still plenty of mystery surrounding Atlas, and many questions left unanswered. While it could be a new Pixelbook, it's just as likely that it's a premium Chromebook outside of the Pixel line. 

One thing that is clear, is that this has been in development for some time now, and could finally be close to launching. Stay tuned. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.