(Pocket-lint) - The Rammus is possibly Google's next device launch in the laptop-tablet realm. And no, it's not running Chrome OS. 

It is, in fact, running Android 9 Pie

A curious move indeed for Google, who only launched the Chrome OS-toting Pixel Slate in October. However, we don't know whether The Rammus - surely a codename - is a serious launch or whether it's just an experiment. 

That's because this device has appeared a couple of times in Geekbench's online benchmarking results database. The first time it appeared it was running an Intel Core m3 low power processor (like the one in the MacBook). It was also bizarrely running Android 7 Nougat.

Now it's appeared again and there are two benchmark results visible - one running a much more powerful Core i7 processor clocked at 4.2Ghz, the other with the Core m3 but both running Android 9 Pie.  

Google has flip-flopped over whether its tablet devices should run Android or Chrome OS. It seems to have currently decided - with the Pixel Slate - that tablets should run Chrome OS. Which makes The Rammus' Android OS all the more odd. 

Could it be that Google is using it to test Fushia OS, reportedly Google's next-generation mobile OS that can run on any device - so it'd be as happy on a powerful Chromebook as it would be on a cheap Android phone. 

If it is a completely new device, it's one of a long line of expensive hardware experiments from Google. There have been some successes like the Nexus 7 tablet, there's a lot of other devices like the Chromebook Pixel, the Nexus Q and the Pixel C that have just fallen by the wayside.

While it has had some success pushing Chromebooks, they still only make up a small percentage of the overall laptop market. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.