(Pocket-lint) - Google recently announced an October event, and everyone expects the Pixel 3 to debut at the show, but a new Pixelbook might also appear.

There have been several reports about Google developing not one, but two, new versions of the Chrome OS-powered Pixelbook laptop that released last year. Most recently, multiple internet ads and a new video of the so-called Pixelbook 2 have surfaced. If you look at the totality of all this evidence, paired with a confirmation from reliable leakster Evan Blass, it's safe to assume at least one new Pixelbook is coming.

Starting with the leaked video, pulled from the Chromium Bug Tracker by Brandon Lall (via Chrome Unboxed), we can see a mystery laptop with slim bezels, dark round keys, and a hamburger icon key on the top right. The video also shows Chrome OS with an Android-like rounded shelf. Keep in mind the Pixelbook has larger bezels, light keys, and this same hamburger icon in the top right.


Chrome Unboxed further noted this device's darker keyboard could very well be detachable, much like the Surface Go. Next up, there is a Chromebook ad, which Chrome Unboxed received from a reader. It shows a Pixelbook-like device with much smaller bezels. Clicking on the ad brought the reader to Google Store’s Pixelbook page. But that's not all: a new Pixelbook also showed up in Facebook ads.

Via Chrome Unboxed

Again, this device appeared to have much smaller bezels. Now, the rumour mill has claimed there are two new laptops in development at Google: “Nocturne” and “Atlas", with Nocturne being the detachable one. It's unclear if both of these are Pixelbook 2, and we don't know if they'll ever launch. But, since we’re about a month away from Google’s hardware event, we suspect the leaks might keep coming.

Either way, Google will announce everything new in New York City next month on 9 October. We'll keep you posted until then.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.