(Pocket-lint) - Google Assistant is everywhere - except for in Chromebooks, oddly.

Technically, you could buy Google's own Pixelbook, which starts at £999/$999, if you want to have a laptop with built-in Google Assistant. Since 2011, Google has been developing its Chrome OS operating system and has partnered with manufacturers like Samsung and Acer to build low-cost, Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks, but yet, to this day, none of those affordable machines have Google Assistant.

Google's artificial helper has been around for a couple years now and can be found in a range of devices, from Google's own devices to third-party smart home appliances. And while it has not made the jump to all Chromebooks, that might soon change, if code spotted by XDA Developers is ever rolled out. A new Chrome OS build has a buried feature that would let manufacturers enable Google Assistant.

Keep in mind the ability to enable Google Assistant is currently off by default. The leaked code also suggested manufacturers would be able to choose whether Google Assistant listened for a hot keyword or is activated by a button press on the laptop itself. The thing is, in October of last year, both David Cannon and 9to5Google discovered Home app code references about Assistant coming to Chromebooks.

We'd like to think this latest leak is more proof that Google Assistant is coming to Chromebooks, but you never know. It's unclear if and when the feature will arrive, but it would definitely be a huge announcement should Google ever follow through and implement it.

Writing by Elyse Betters.