(Pocket-lint) - Word on the grapevine says that Google will have more than just two new Pixel phones to unveil at its hardware event, expected to take place in October.

Android Police has obtained exclusive information from a "source familiar with Google's plans", that says a new Chromebook Pixel and a smaller version of the Google Home smart speaker will be unveiled too.

Android Police's source doesn't give any information or specs about the new laptop, but it's possible that it's a reworked version of the Project Bison laptop that was planned to release in Q3 2017, and was first documented in September 2016.

At that time, the laptop was believed to be Google's first ever laptop, and a true rival to the Apple MacBook and Microsoft's Surface Pro. The Project Bison laptop was also expected to come running Andromeda OS, Google's new operating system that merges the best of Chrome with the best of Android.

The Pixel laptop rumoured for Google's October event however has the Chromebook moniker, meaning it will likely be running on Chrome OS instead. This is the one aspect of the laptop that Android Police's source is confident of.

It's obviously still possible that this new Chromebook Pixel is a completely separate product from Bison, but the timings do match up. We may however see two new laptop devices at the event, it's entirely possible given the vague amount of information from sources so far.

A smaller version of the Google Home is strongly rumoured to be unveiled as well. The new model would go head-to-head with the Amazon Echo Dot, so it's no surprise that Google would want to release a slimmed down version of its rival product.

Price and features information are thin on the ground right now, but we imagine it will work just like the Google Home, but in a smaller package and therefore a lower powered speaker.

We don't have a date yet for Google's hardware event, but considering the Pixel phones were introduced in October 2016, we'll assume for now the new ones will appear around the same time.

Writing by Max Langridge.