(Pocket-lint) - Google might be working on new Chromebook features, and maybe even a new Chromebook to go with those features.

First, the new features could be a fingerprint reader and a key specifically for bringing up Google Assistant. As for the new Chromebook, which is codenamed Eve, it may even be produced by Google itself. All these details have emerged thanks to Chrome Unboxed, which has been tracking related leaks and comments from Chrome OS developers over the past year.

The new Chromebook has been under development for at least eight months now, and it's believed the device will feature a 2400x1600-pixel resolution display (3:2 aspect ratio) and a Kaby Lake processor. The fingerprint scanner is also expected to be included, allowing for more security, and there will be a dedicated key for Google Assistant, which might offer voice activation capability.

Eve is thought to be a convertible laptop with a backlit keyboard, stylus, and an improved trackpad. But it's not yet clear which manufacturer is making the Chromebook. Chrome Unboxed suggested Google could be making it. The company axed its premium Chromebook Pixel line earlier this year, though it did hint that it wasn't opposed to making more Chromebooks down the road.

Is Eve the next Google-branded Chromebook? It certainly seems to have a few high-end features, if so.

Writing by Elyse Betters.