(Pocket-lint) - Chromebooks have always been a decent, affordable laptop alternative. Yes, you need a constant internet connection for them to work, but if you do, you gain access to all things Google. Well, nearly all things Google. Until now, only select Chromebooks have been able to support Android apps and services from the Google Play Store via an update, you can find a full list here.

Now, Google has announced - by way of a single line of text on this page - that every single Chromebook released in 2017 will come with pre-installed access to the Play Store, no updates required.

This means 2017 Chromebooks, such as the Asus Chromebook Flip, will have out-of-the-box access to a much wider range of applications, including Netflix, Skype and the Microsoft Office suite of programs. However it isn't clear if apps will be able to be reformatted for Chromebook screens, of if you'll just view a much larger version of your phone's portrait screen.

You'll also have to take storage into account, as most Chromebooks don't come with minimal internal storage because the majority of data is stored in the cloud.

Nevertheless, it's surely a welcomed move from Google, as it's now made 2017 Chromebooks a much more viable alternative to a laptop or tablet.

Writing by Max Langridge.