Ever get lost staring at those screensavers on Chromecast?

Now you can get them for your Mac. Google has launched a new app that surfaces popular Google+ on your unused display. These are the same photos that grace the Chromecast, Pixel, and Google Fiber devices when they're not in use. The app only pulls from publicly shared, high-resolution photos, and they're often breathtaking landscape shots. Each shot also includes the photograph's name, so you can follow him or her.

Googlegoogle featured photos puts those chromecast screensavers on macs image 2

The app is called Featured Photos. You can download it from here. Once you do, you'll find the new screensavers available under the screensaver option in the Settings app on your Mac. If you're an Android user, Google's existing Wallpapers app will also now let you get access to the same set of popular photos for your home or lock screen. Google also detailed how you can get your Google+ photos in its screensaver collection.

All you have to do - to increase your chance of being considered - is join the Google+ Create program.