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(Pocket-lint) - Google has announced something major at Google I/O 2016: Chrome OS will soon have access to Google Play, meaning Android apps will finally be able to run on your Chromebook. That's right. Now pick your jaw up from the floor.

The company published a blog post to explain the news, and it took the opportunity to announces schools in the US are buying more Chromebooks than all other devices combined. In the first quarter of this year, for instance, Chromebooks topped Macs in overall shipments, resulting in Chrome OS becoming the number 2 most popular PC operating system in the country.

Despite the growing popularity of Chromebooks, Chrome OS still has an app problem. Developers just haven't embraced the platform like they've done with other PC operating systems, making it hard for Chromebook users to find Chrome Web Store apps. Now, however, Android developers will easily be able to get their existing apps ready to run on Chrome OS.

This is exciting news for Chromebook owners. In fact, Google has already released a full list of Chromebooks that'll run Android apps. You can learn more about that list as well as when support will be available below.

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Chromebook Android apps: What does this mean for you?

If you want to do more with your Chromebook, including run more apps, use Office files more easily, connect with a variety of apps, and do more when they’re offline, you'll soon be able to do so. Google is bringing the Google Play app store to Chromebooks, allowing you to download and use Android apps. You'll be able to make a Skype call, work with Office files, be productive offline, and play games like Minecraft or Hearthstone.

Chromebook Android apps: What does this mean for devs?

The same apps that run on phones and tablets will run on Chromebooks - without compromising speed or security. This is also good news for developers, as Google said they'll be able to easily bring their apps to laptops: "All this is built on top of Chrome OS," the company explained.

Chromebook Android apps: Will yours get Google Play access?

You can view the full list of supported Chromebooks from here. These PCs will get Google Play access and therefore be able to run Android apps.

Chromebook Android apps: When will support arrive?

Google hasn't been too specific, but its support site said Chromebooks will gain access to Google Play “later” this year.

Chromebook Android apps: Are new Chromebooks on the way?

Google revealed its been working with partners to launch new devices "specially designed" for Google Play access. It promised to announce more details on these upcoming machines over the next few months.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 20 May 2016.