Google Chrome just got more useful, or annoying, depending on whether you like push notifications.

Google has long been implementing native push notifications within test versions of Chrome, but now it's released a finalised version of Chrome, called Chrome version 42, with the feature fully turned on. It'll allow websites to send you alerts, even if the Chrome browser isn't open.

You have to give permission of course, but then after you'll be notified when, for instance, your favorite blog updates or you won a bid in an online auction. This new push notification feature is quite similar to what's already been available to Safari users, but Chrome 42 is not just limited to OS X. This trans-platform update is also for Windows and Linux.

Keep in mind you can always disable push notifications. In addition to notifications, Chrome 42 is supposed to be a performance-focused build. A new Google Groups post has revealed the update includes several under-the-hood performance and security improvements.

To update to the latest version of Chrome, use the browser’s built-in updater tool or download the update directly from Google's Chrome site. You can learn more about how to update Chrome here.