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(Pocket-lint) - Google's £1,049 premium Chromebook is about to get refreshed.

There's two types of Chromebooks you can get: really cheap, decent ones, and the Chromebook Pixel. It's a two-year-old touchscreen laptop at the high end of the Chromebook family. Although there’s no avoiding the fact that the Pixel is expensive, it’s very well made and an absolute pleasure to use.

It also hasn't been updated since 2013. But all that's about to change, it's claimed.

Google has just confirmed that a new version of the Chromebook Pixel is coming "soon", according to tech blog OMG! Chrome! During the Google TeamWork 2015 event, Renee Niem, the director of Android and Chrome at Google for Work, reportedly announced the following news:

"We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon. We will be selling it, but I just have to set your expectations, this is a development platform. This is really a proof of concept. We don’t make very many of these. We really don’t, and candidly, I think our developers and Googlers consume 85 percent of what we produce," he said.

Niem added: "But yes, we do have a new Pixel coming out."

There's not much else to go on, including when the new Chrome OS-powered Pixel might launch and what it could feature, but the first Pixel debuted at Google I/O 2013...and Google I/O 2015 is just around the corner.

Writing by Elyse Betters.