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(Pocket-lint) - You can now say "OK Google" to your Chromebook. Well, people running early release software can anyway.

The latest early release of Chrome OS has an always-on feature that allows users to jump into voice command mode. All they have to do is get the release on the Chrome Dev channel and then toggle a flag in Chrome OS' settings menu. Google employee and Chromium source code expert Francois Beaufort explained how to setup the feature through a post published on Google+.


Once the voice-command feature is activated on your Chromebook, according to Beaufort, you can say "OK Google" to start using voice commands and conduct searches. Roughly one year ago, Beaufort first announced that always-on voice commands were coming to Chrome OS and even pointed out a way for developers to begin using an early version of the feature.

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For those of you who aren't developers or don't want to run early release software, check out Google's free Hotword beta extension that adds voice search to your Chromebook. Once you install it from the Chrome Web Store, you’ll see a microphone symbol in the Google.com search box. At that point, just speak (start with "OK Google") to perform a search thtough Google or Google Now.

It's still not clear when consumer Chromebook users will have a direct or more user-friendly way of using always-on "OK Google" voice commands, but it usually doesn't take long for features to officially unveil in a full release once they've appeared in early release software.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.