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(Pocket-lint) - Following the release of a 64-bit Chrome browser for Windows, Google has announced a 64-bit version for Mac.

Google in August pushed its Chrome browser for Windows into the 64-bit software era, with the launch of Chrome 37. The update made Google's browser 15 per cent faster at decoding HD videos on YouTube, and it made the browser less prone to crashes in the render (the part of the browser that reads Web site programming instructions and delivers the right pixels on a screen). It can also deter specific hack attacks and significantly bolster performance and speed in general


And soon Mac users will have access to all of these improvements: "In late August we released Chrome 64-bit for Windows, which brought benefits in speed, security and stability. We’re now bringing these benefits to OS X with Chrome 64-bit for Mac, version 39, due to be released in Nov 2014," announced Google in a blog post. "Unlike on Windows, where Chrome is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit, on Mac, Chrome will only be available in 64-bit with version 39 and after."

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Updates in the Chrome browser happen in the background when you close and reopen your browser. If you haven't closed your browser in a while however, you might see the Chrome menu on the browser change colors. If you see green that means an update has been available for 2 days, orange stands for 4 days, and red stands for 7 or more days. To apply version 39 when it rolls out this autumn, click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select Update Google Chrome.

There's just one thing: Google warned that 32-bit NPAPI plugins will not work on version 39. But that shouldn't affect too many users.

Writing by Elyse Betters.