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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated Chrome OS to version 37, adding a tonne of new features that'll make your Chromebook feel and look more like a full-fledged computer.

The most notable new feature is support for multi-user login, meaning more than one user can now sign into a Chrome OS machine and remain logged in simultaneously. This type of feature has long been available for Windows and OSX computers. Previously, it wasn't easy to use multiple accounts with Chrome OS, mostly because you had to log out in order to switch accounts. 


Another major change is that Settings now appear in a window, rather than a tab. There are a few ways to access Settings, but every method opens the menu through a browser tab in Chrome as if it were a webpage. With Chrome OS v37 however, Settings will now open as a window that you can close, minimise, expand, move around, etc. Although it seems like a minor update, it provides convenience and drastically improves workflow.

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Additional OS teaks include a new "app info" view in the Chrome launcher, the ability to save to Google Drive in Incognito mode, and a way for businesses and organisations to push and manage bookmarks across multiple devices. These updates should be available now for Chrome OS machines. Your Chromebook will detect when version 37 is available while you’re signed in, and then it will show an arrow icon in the status area.

Click that arrow icon and select restart to update. Your Chromebook will then shut down and restart, with the update applied.

Writing by Elyse Betters.