Google and HP jointly announced suspending sales of the Chromebook 11, following a small numbers of users reporting overheating issues during use. 

"We are working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify the appropriate corrective action, and will provide additional information and instructions as soon as we can," the companies said. "In the meantime, customers who have purchased an HP Chromebook 11 should not use the original charger provided with the product.

"In the interim they may continue using their HP Chromebook 11 with any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed micro-USB charger, for example one provided with a tablet or smartphone. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Pocket-lint reviewed the Chromebook 11 in October, noting a good screen, solid build, and an affordable machine. However, we took issue with sluggish performance, glossy screen, and the fact USB charging takes forever. 

Google and HP didn't indicate how long Chromebook 11 sales would be suspended for. At any rate, it's certainly an inconvenience given the upcoming Christmas shopping season.