Google on Monday announced the release of Google Cloud Print for Windows, letting you use the service from anywhere within the Windows operating system. Before today's release, to use Cloud Print on Windows you had to use Chrome - other applications didn't work.

With today's news, that's now not the case. The Cloud Print Driver for Windows is available from Google's tool page, and once downloaded, will act like any other wired or network printer connected to your Windows machine. As you can see, a "Google Cloud Printer" is added to the Print page. 

google cloud print released for windows no longer requiring chrome image 2

Apart from Chrome (and now Windows), Google also makes an application available for Android on Google Play and OS X on the App Store. A slew of third-party applications will allow Cloud Print to work on iOS and other platforms.

For those unaware, Cloud Print allows you to print to any printer, as long as it is setup with your Google account and Internet-connected. Some printers have the ability to work with Cloud Print right from their interface, or if not, you can do it with Chrome through the "Under the Hood" tab.

The download link provided by Google doesn't appear to be working. We'll keep an eye out.