Usually, we take any rumour based story from Taiwanese gossip-garbler DigiTimes with a mountain of salt, but its latest report regarding Google OS seems to be getting plenty of air-play on the web, so we thought it was only right that we bring it to your attention dear readers.

The report suggests that global brands are all set for a slew of Chrome OS smartbooks later this month, and there are also plans over at Mountain View for Google to release its own-branded device as well.

The report is based on information gauged from "sources from component players".

The Google branded machine will apparently be manufactured by Inventec with a modest 60,000 - 70,000 units ready for the initial launch. It will have an ARM-based chip inside and it won't be hitting the high-street at all.

The global brands suggested are HP and Acer, with their devices expected to be available come December.

Whether the report proves accurate will be realised within the next few weeks, but whatever the actual release date ends up, we at Pocket-lint are quite excited by the notion of the Chrome OS.

In theory, it's a platform that will work brilliantly on low-powered notebooks. Our only concern is whether there is still a place for netbooks in what is slowly becoming a tablet-dominated market.

What do you guys think? Can tablets and netbooks sit side by side? Or has the iPad started a slate revolution that will kill the netbook dead in its tracks? Use the comments below to let us know what you think.