A senior Google executive has forecast that the humble desktop PC will be redundant within 3 years, and mobile will emerge as the primary screen from which people will get their news, information and entertainment.

Google Europe boss and head of sales, John Herlihy, told attendees at the Digital Landscapes conference at UCD that the rise of cloud computing will mean that any device will be able to access enough processing power to accomplish whatever it needs to. Google CEO Eric Schmidt made similar recent comments, saying that his company would henceforth be focusing on mobile.

Herlihy said: "Mobile makes the world’s information universally accessible. Because there’s more information and because it will be hard to sift through it all, that’s why search will become more and more important. This will create new opportunities for new entrepreneurs to create new business models – ubiquity first, revenue later".

We'd argue that the desktop PC has already receded from most homes, with IT managers at offices and hardcore gamers the only people who still regularly plump for a desktop over a laptop. Still, it's interesting to hear how the company, which is rapidly gaining ground with its Android mobile OS, will be moving forwards.