Fujifilm has quietly slipped out a specialist printer in Japan, the Pivi MP-300.

Portable in style, the super compact printer measures just 146 x 102 x 29mm, and weighs about 225g. It finds digital cameras in range using infrared and then is able to print without any wires connecting it at all. However, with infrared's dodgy connection, it's a mystery why Fujifilm didn't elect Bluetooth connectivity instead.

However, it also prints through a USB PictBridge connection, so that it can print from digital cameras and not just mobiles.

More fun gadget and less functional printer, the Pivi Mp-300 is so small it can only produce prints up to business-card sized, so you'll have to decide if you want to shell out about $130 for it when you can get a full-sized photo printer for less. It's only available in Japan at the moment, so time will tell if it reaches European and US shores.

It takes about 38 seconds to print a 5MP image, and the total time for transfer of image and the finish of printing takes nearly 2 minutes.