Napster has entered into a partnership with Dell that'll see the latter's laptops coming with a free year of Napster Unlimited. That subscription entitles the user to a year's worth of unlimited on-demand listening from one of the better catalogues in digital music, as well as 60 free un-DRMed MP3s.

Certain laptops in the Studio and Inspiron ranges will be sold with a Napster icon on the desktop and a bit of bloatware called Dell Dock that'll let you redeem your subscription. The idea behind the move is that consumers get their 12 months free and then don't feel the need to install a rival service like Spotify.

Napster's president, Brad Duea, said: "Napster is pleased to be working with Dell to deliver a valuable and easy music experience for customers", and Rachna Bhasin, GM Strategic Partnerships, Dell consumer, said: "People want the ability to personalize their PCs, and music is a great way for them to do that".

The deal begins later this month, so if you've been eyeing up a Napster subscription and need a laptop too, then you might want to hold on just a little longer.