Dell has announced two new models in its Inspiron range on Tuesday; the Inspiron 14z and Inspiron 15z.

The two new models that add to the recently released 11z offer, as you might expect, both 15-inch and 14-inch screen sizes within a thin design.

Rather than opt for an X brand name like Sony, Samsung and MSI, Dell's gunning for a Z to represent these models are thinner than your average cake eating model.

The CULV powered laptops will sport similar specs with the Inspiron 14z weighing about 4.4 lbs. with a 4-cell battery, while the 15z tips the scales at around 5.07 lbs. It will also come with a 4-cell battery, although both new models can be upgraded to sport a 6-cell battery. Dell says if you cripple the laptop by turning everything off will last around 8 hours.

Both sport the ability to be upgraded with up to 8GB of memory, and up to 500GB hard drives, come in

Coming in either Black or Cherry Red the new models start from $500.