Following on from Microsoft's official announcement about the general availability of Windows 7 on 22 October, PC manufacturer Dell has confirmed that it plans to offer a Windows 7 upgrade program.

As with previous Windows launches, manufacturers like Dell will offer a Windows 7 Upgrade Option program. Such schemes are ways of ensuring that hardware sales don't fall flat just prior to a new OS release, with consumers hanging on to buy a machine with the very latest OS installed.

For consumers this means that later this summer, if you purchase select systems through retail or directly from Dell, you may order a Windows 7 upgrade kit that will be shipped to you after Windows 7 has officially launched on 22 October.

Dell says that once the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program is officially announced by Microsoft more details will be available including supported PCs, languages and countries.

In addition, Dell has provided feedback on how its testing of Windows 7 has gone, saying "so far so good…Overall we’re impressed with how well the operating system is working on our systems".

The manufacturer highlights "solid improvements in boot time", improved battery life over Vista and says: "This is more qualitative than quantitative… the systems just feel faster in a good way".