American Dell customers looking at buying an XPS notebook or desktop gaming PC, are in for a bit of a treat after the company decided to chuck in a free Xbox 360 Elite with every purchase.

Obviously in an attempt to help boost sales on its flagship gaming range, the bundle is available in three combinations.

Of course, the range is a fairly pricey one, with the XPS M1730 laptop at $2,999 and the XPS 720 H2C at $3,199.

In fact, the cheapest way to get your hands on a free Xbox is the XPS 630 desktop at $1,999. And that's not exactly a snip.

Then again, if you're only forking out that money to get a "free" Xbox 360 Elite, we think you're probably not doing your maths right. Still, it is interesting to see the lengths Dell will go to to shift the XPS series out the door.

Will we see similar measures this side of the pond?