Dell have really pulled out the big guns with their latest gaming rig. The XPS 730 is jam packed with features that will make a serious PC gamer go weak at the knees.

Dell reckon it is one of the most advanced gaming platforms on the market, and we reckon that's not far off.

The set up includes the new NVIDIA nforce 790i Ultra SLI chipset, a choice of Intel CPUs up to Core II Duo Extreme, high performance graphics with dual 1GB ATI Radeon 3870 X2 (CrossFire X) graphics technology, up to 8GB of RAM and the ability to have four hard drives factory installed with different configurations – a first for a Dell desktop.

If that wasn't enough, the system also features an enhanced H2C cooling system that will keep your CPUs cool even when playing Crysis at full 1920 x 1200 resolution. Nice.

Arthur Lewis, head of Dell Gaming Group said: "There is a certain level of honour involved in delivering products that meet the expectations of a unique set of customers who are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, intense and competitive".

He added: "With XPS and Alienware gaming systems we've been progressively delivering an awe-inspiring experience to gamers and now, with the XPS 730, we've set the bar for a truly awesome gaming experience".

Of course, all this performance comes at a price, and a pretty steep one at that. The system starts at £2799 – but having just taken a peek at their website, we’ve noticed it’s on offer at £2499 so get in there quickly.

For full spec and more information, check out the website.