Dell has launched the XPS 730x, featuring the new Intel Core i7 processor, that claims to offer users one the world's most powerful processors on an extreme gaming desktop.

The Intel Core i7 processor boasts improved physics, greater environmental interactivity, more intelligent AI and an overall boost in the immersive, and a real-to-life experience.

With the new Intel QuickPath Architecture, the PC offers an ATI Radeon 4870 X2 graphics card, and is available with KillerNIC from Bigfoot, a gaming network card that claims to offer smoother, more responsive online game play during intense action.

There's also the usual LED lighting you find in such machines, an anodized aluminium case design, multiple single and dual hard drive options, with support for RAID 1, 0, and 1+0 up to 2TB and up to 6GB of triple channel DDR3 memory.

Available from next week at, the XPS 730x starts at £2642.