Rumours have hit the web that Dell is planning to launch an ultra-thin laptop.

If the rumours are to be believed, then the PC maker is prepping a notebook that will rival the MacBook Air.

There's no news on specs for the new model - supposedly called the "Adamo" - but the speculation sees it thinner and lighter than the Apple offering.

The "Adamo" moniker comes from recent trademarks registered by the company, while a "luxury goods publication",, had apparently leaked some now-removed marketing bits on the new machine.

Michael Tatelman, Dell’s vice president in charge of consumer sales and marketing, told NY Times report Ashlee Vance in response to enquiries about Adamo:

"I think we need to get some iconic products out there, so people associate Dell’s brand with other things".

A Dell spokesperson told Pocket-lint that the company does not comment on rumours. We will keep you posted.