Dell has announced that it is trying to take on Sony and its Vaio range of laptops by launching a new premium range in the US and UK.

The new range will consist of two models for the time being called the Dell Studio XPS 13 and Dell Studio XPS 16 and the models will feature 13-inch and 16-inch glossy screens respectively.

Clearly influenced by Sony's Vaio design - the power button is a circle in the hinge - Dell clearly hopes the new "executive" designs will allow them to go after a more exclusive client base beyond the middle management work horses as seen in its Inspiron range.

The laptop, made from a combination of plastic and faux leather rather than metal, will come with a backlit keyboard, medium sized trackpad and the usual array of connections including HDMI, VGA and eSATA, and connectivity specs like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The new notebooks are expected to be out in February.