Dell has launched its new Studio XPS desktop, a premium PC that is designed to bring home office and entertainment together.

Featuring the new Intel Core i7 processor, Dell's new desktop will benefit from up to 44% faster video editing and encoding, as well as an impressive performance on applications like image rendering, photo retouching, and editing.

It will also benefit the the new Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technology of the i7, which provides dynamic speed increases on demand, resulting in up to 65% performance improvement.

As for its gaming potential, Dell says the Studio XPS desktop packs a lot of the same performance and features found in full-size gaming rigs, into a smaller-sized glossy black mini-tower.

For entertainment enthusiasts, the Studio XPS desktop can be configured with an optional TV tuner and can support up to 1TB of hard drive space to store your music, movies and TV shows. There is also the option for a Blu-ray disc drive, for HD fans out there.

Finally, the Studio XPS desktop features 64-bit versions of Windows Vista so it can take advantage of up to 12GB tri-channel DDR3 memory, improving performance in multitasking and memory-intensive applications like photo and video editing software.

The Studio XPS desktop is available now and starts from £799 with the basic configurations.