Last week, Engadget published what seemed to show the latest laptop design from Dell, including the much rumoured 15.4 inch Inspiron 1535.

But now one of our astute readers have drawn our attention to a new set of (rather grainy pics) that are claimed to show the new 17 inch model (which Engadget says will be called the Inspiron 1735).

While it's quite difficult to make out much detail, the pics would seem to support Engadget's view that the new models will be based on the design of the higher-end XPS line-up.

But Electronista's hypothesis that the new machines will be the first to have a unique, edge-to-edge LCD that eliminates the thick side bezels that often surround notebooks seems to have been blown out of the water by the pics.

The blogger on says: "I heard that Dell hired some designers to build that computer from the outside".

"This new computer has tactile controls like the volume, and CD controls, but also doesn't have a CD tray."

He adds: "This computer is gonna beat Vaio's design for sure. It's really cool and really light".

And he supports Engadget's prediction of a May/June launch so watch this space.